Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shapeshifting Satyr

If only shapeshifting abilities like this was a reality! Thank goodness for fantasy...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Titans of the World II

Those who Stand Head and Shoulders above the Rest

Fantasy equal: Cyclops

Today is your first day off in months. A blacksmith’s work is never done, but finally your master gives you the freedom of doing whatever you want to do for the whole day. He has also given you a gold piece to boot! Lady Luck is smiling on you today.

You head on over to the local market where you purchase a good leg of lamb, some veggies, bread, cheese and some juice to wash it down with. You usually cannot afford such a feast, but decided for once you should treat yourself. You pack your goods neatly in a parcel and head off into the wilds for a long due adventure.

You venture forth through the nearby forest, always on the lookout for treacherous satyrs and nymphs. The forest is peaceful today however, which you enjoy with the likes of small antelope, birds and various other critters. You welcome the cool air and the fresh scent of moist soil and healthy vegetation. It is a much needed change to the hot and humid smoke-filled air at the armoury.

Finally you reach your destination; a natural spring, situated about three hours’ walk from town. Its waters are magical and said to have healing properties. Long have you desired to immerse your aching muscles and scorched skin in its cool and soothing embrace. You drop your parcel to the ground, shed all your clothes and immediately dive into the spring. Your dive makes little disturbance. You would have gotten a good score at the Olympic Games!

You close your eyes and breathe deeply as you soak up the water. Your whole being calms down. A healing spring indeed. Only after several moments you observe your surroundings. You did not even check if any nymphs are about! Fortunately you spot nothing dangerous. Your attention is caught by an eerie looking cave on the far side of the spring however. Its waters lead into the cave’s large opening. Maybe that’s the origin of the water. You decide to investigate. You return to dry land, pull on the minimum of clothes, gobble up a few pieces of cheese, hide the rest of your food and clothes and sneak towards the cave’s entrance.

As you draw closer you hear deep and booming rumblings! Whatever is in there must definitely be up to something vile and evil, like feasting on human remains. You swiftly ascend a tree that borders the water’s edge. It will keep you concealed and maybe give you enough leverage to see what’s inside. As you reach the desired branch, you peer into the darkness. You do not see anything and become rather easy as you realize the beast’s rumblings has just seized. Suddenly the earth shakes somewhat. Whatever it is, it is large and it is moving!

You sit in the tree motionless. You’re even holding your breath not to attract any attention. The monster has reveals itself in the sunlight and is facing your direction. It is a Cyclops! Your mind flashes, recollecting several facts of these mighty giants; they are some of the strongest beings to ever set foot on the earth. They are brutish and emotionless and feared by all. They are formidable allies and have been sought after by gods and titans alike, for not only are they excellent warriors, due to their size and immense strength, but they are remarkable craftsmen as well. They have forged Zeus’ lightning bolts, Poseidon’s trident and Artemis’ bow to name a few. How can it be that one of them is free? They are supposed to be locked away in Tartarus.

You realize you are trapped where you are up until the Cyclops moves away. You shudder at the thought of what he’ll do to you if he is to discover your presence. All you can do now is wait. You observe the Cyclops and wonder how many people actually saw one for real before. You take a mental picture of him. You reckon he is the combined size of ten men. His being is of pure muscle. With every movement the relevant muscles bulge and reveal immense definition and power. His waist is covered with a loin cloth. Other than that he has no other adornments. Your glance falls onto his facial features. The feature that identifies a giant as a Cyclops is evident; his single eye is large and slap bang in the centre of his forehead. He sits down in the water and stretches his bulky legs and massive feet. His size is so immense that the deep water hardly covers his lower body. He looks rather content. To you his facial expression suggests an innocent boy and not at all a ferocious giant.

It seems like the Cyclops is basking in the sun. With some luck he falls asleep in order for you to make your escape. Much to your surprise he delves his right hand down the loin cloth he is wearing. He draws the cloth away from his body and slowly his gargantuan blade rises from its enclosure! At first it is bent, almost like a hook, but soon enough the blood flow erects it to its full glory. You have never seen anything like it! Even from where you hide you notice his blade throbbing from the immense network of veins rooting up from his blade’s hilt. It is a blade that would make the gods envious! You wonder how it compares to the likes of that of Pan and Zeus and Atlas!

The Cyclops playfully immerses his blade in the water and starts sheathing his blade up and down. Steadily initially but soon he sheaths more vigorously. His forearm and bicep muscles bulge with every flick of his wrist. He alternates his grip to a backhand and soon he wields his blade with both hands. His colossal hands hardly manage to embrace the full length of his blade. He alternates between these grips as he play with himself.

Soon he starts panting and groaning like an excited dog at the site of a juicy steak. He roars from pleasure as his nectar gushes from his one eyed monster blade. Volumes of heavy white spurts plunge into the spring’s water. You watch the whole ordeal incredulously. The sheer size and power of it all is incredible. Who would have thought even monsters, like Cyclopes, have urges too? You are not sure which of your current sensations are stronger; fear still or being turned on immensely.

You watch the Cyclops intently as he lays his head and torso down in the water. His blade relaxes on his stomach as he yawns, closes his eyes and seemingly taking a nap in the scorching Greek sun. Now is the time to escape. You gently lower yourself down the tree and quickly make your way to your hidden stash from where you run away from the Cyclops’ lair. On your way home you now wonder whether it is the Cyclops and his playfulness that provides the spring’s water with its healing effects. Do you find that remarkable or gross?

With this story I delved in my thoughts of how it would be to be a fly on the wall of some great entity during a sexual act. Many minor gods and mythical beings from Ancient Greek mythology were brought into the world by indecent sexual acts of the major gods. What I would give to get my hands on material of such indecent godly acts.

Due to their immense size and incredible physiques, I deem the following models to be descendants of some great entity from ancient times; like the mighty Cyclops! I am tempted to edit these photos and give them a single eye each, but I cannot rely on my poor graphic editing skills to make it look believable. No matter, here goes; I present to you the muscular giants that walk amongst us today:

“The Cyclopes (singular Cyclops) were the three sons of Uranus and Gaia, the first king of the Titans. They were imprisoned by their father into the underworld, who feared their strength along with their three brothers, who had fifty heads and a hundred hands. Their names were Brontes, Steropes and Arges.”

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mythic Beings of Beast and Man

Those of Half-breed Pedigree

Fantasy equal: Satyrs, Minotaurs and Centaurs

Many of the mythical beings shaped by the minds of the ancient Greeks are part man and part beast. Some of these creatures’ appearances are based on farm animals, which makes one wonder whether the minds of perhaps lazy shepherd boys conjured these wondrous creatures and the great tales they feature in. I can identify three of these farm animal creatures; the centaur, the minotaur and the satyr/faun, all of which form a fantasy equal of a collection I posted previously.

The Satyr or Faun is part man (top half) and part goat (lower half) complete with a little tail and a pair of horns. In the world of animation, you can find fauns in the movies Narnia. The top half of the faun is portrayed by an actor, where the lower half is computer generated. You will also cross paths with them early on in the PC game called Titan Quest where they try to pierce you with arrows, impale you with javelins or zap you with shaman magic.

The Minotaur is part man (torso and arms) and part bull (lower half and head). The tale of the Minotaur is a classic tale of how the gods reward and just as easy punish mortals for their deeds. Minos, the Ruler of Crete, prayed for a white bull from Poseidon, God of the Seas. This he was granted, but at Poseidon’s bequest, had to sacrifice the bull in his name. Minos, however, decided to keep the bull. As punishment, Poseidon made Minos’ wife fall deeply in love with the bull. So much so that she copulated with the bull. As the gods would have it, she bore the bull’s offspring and so the fearsome Minotaur was born.

The Minotaur can also be found in Narnia. The White Witch’s commander is portrayed by one. The Minotaur also makes his appearance in the games of Titan Quest, Neverwinter Nights and Heroes of Might and Magic.

The centaur is part man and part horse. This creature is simply magnificent with the torso, head and arms of a man substituting a horse’s head and neck. Where the Minotaur was the commander of the forces of darkness in Narnia, so is a centaur the commander of the forces of good. Titan Quest features all Greek mythological beings and creatures, so you’d definitely find them there, opposing you unfortunately. Furthermore they form part of the Stronghold faction in the game of Heroes of Might and Magic V. I would have liked them to be on the side of the Sylvans rather, as was the case with the game’s predecessors; Heroes of Might and Magic III and IV.

The following collection depicts these creatures in an animated design we all enjoy.