Friday, June 10, 2011

Take a Taste

Yes! A third related post. Could not resist...

Satyr Fantasy

In conjunction with Guardians of the Sacred Fountain, I decided to add this collection as well. It pretty much inspired the fantasy. Enjoy!

Guardians of the Sacred Fountain II

Those who Share in the Nectar of Life

Fantasy equal: Pan

You think to yourself you should not have come hiking on such a hot day. Even in the shadows cast by the canopy of the forest you find yourself sweating excessively. You say a little prayer of thanks as you reach the deceitful little stream that has eluded you for a couple of hours already. You remove your hiking shoes and socks, as well as all your clothes and go sit right in the cool, flowing waters of the stream. You give out an appreciative sigh as the refreshing water chills you from your legs and buttocks upwards.

You dip your shirt in the water and hang it around your neck for the time being. As you pull on your undies, shorts, socks and shoes again, you notice a dark figure skulking about in the corner of your eye. You glance his way. The figure stands it ground for a moment and then swiftly moves into the dense undergrowth.

“Who might this peeping tom be?” you ask yourself. You leap forward in pursuit of the enigmatic shadow. You spot him once more and notice him glancing back at you. He does not seem to be frightened or in a great hurry. Maybe he wants you to follow him? You do just that. Always he keeps the same distance from you and always all you can see is the silhouette of a man’s torso with wild hair crowning his head.

He leads you to a cave. You’ve never come across a cave in all the years you have hiked in this area. Somewhat reluctant you enter. A dim light flickers in the distance from within the cave. Soon the dark figure passes through it where he waits for your arrival.

As you step through the exit you stumble and topple head over heels onto a patch of soft, fragrant grass. After a moment of dazedness you witness the splendour of a whole new world. You find yourself in what seems to be a forest clearing. The trees that surround you are majestic; with stems much greater in stature and canopies spreading much wider than the rest of the trees in the forest. The grass around you glows faintly, illuminating the whole clearing with its enchanting light. Here and there you spot other wonderful plants and fungi; giant mushrooms decorated in ridiculous colours and ferns that happily sway to fro.

You hear what could be the flowing of water, yet it sounds enchanting, melodious, sort of like a metal wind chime submerged in water. You peer to where you believe the sound originates from. Your gaze falls on a beautiful pond. Where the grass emits a faint green glow, the pond emits a stronger radiance of blues and silvers.

Leaning against the stem of a willow is the dark figure, you presume. You’ve forgotten about him! He moves out of the shadow and finally reveals himself. You are amazed at what you see...

The dark figure is no man, but what you believe is called a Satyr or a Faun. He is a being of myth and magic. Where you meet the earth with your feet, he meets the earth with hooves instead. He has no legs like you and I, but the hind legs of a goat instead, covered in dark, woolly hair. From his waist upwards, he resembles a human, mostly. The woolly hair extends from his waist up his chiselled stomach and beyond his navel where it bursts into a semicircle across his manly chest. His face is masculine, featuring a hefty jaw garlanded by a handsome goatee, a strong nose and keen, yet kind eyes. A pair of horns protrudes from his wild and bushy hair.

“Welcome, dear one, to my grove and home of the fabled Fountain of Youth. I am, Pan, its chief guardian. You have passed the test. You’re curiosity and sense of adventure has brought you to the wondrous realm of fantasy. You will be given a choice; drink from the fountain of youth, become immortal and dwell within this fantasy realm once you wish to let go of your life in the ‘real world’”, says Pan. “Or return home and live the boring life of the humans.”

You are dumbfounded by the events that have just occurred. Pan manages to calm your spirit down and so follows several moments of asking questions and answers given. All this time you find the whole experience extremely exciting and utterly surreal. Pan is a fantastic piece of work. He is charming and witty and you are strangely attracted to him.

The moment you run out of questions, Pan suddenly draws closer. He startles you by kissing you on the lips. He takes your hands and lifts you from where you were sitting. He takes hold of your butt, each of his hands caressing a cheek. He peers deep into your eyes, pierces your soul and forces his lust onto you. Within seconds you reach an erection. You find yourself overcome by his forceful influence. You free your sword by dropping your shorts and undies for the pressure has simply become too unbearable. With you standing tall and proud and him now kneeling he gently removes your shoes and socks one after the other. He caresses the curves of your calve muscles and admires the solid muscle on your quads.

“You have the legs of an athlete. Very impressive,” says Pan with much admiration.

Pan next focuses his attention on your glorious blade. He firmly takes hold of the shaft and slowly slides his hand down it. He enjoys the uneven texture caused by the protruding veins across your skin and then ultimately the coarse texture of your pubic hair. He engulfs your blade with his mouth, savouring your taste and then slowly starts to steer your throbbing blade in and out his eager mouth.

Performing the deed remarkably hands free, Pan caresses your hairy legs with great enthusiasm. He must have a thing for legs. You feel the nectar welling up in your pommel gems. It won’t be long now! Pan pauses however and erects himself from his kneeling position.

“My turn,” he utters with a devilish smile. You look down and only now notice his glorious blade pointing and looking straight at you with its single eye. It is the greatest blade you have ever seen. You are overcome by the urge to wield his blade, stroke it and taste it. You take a kneeling position in front of Pan now, your eyes fixed on his one-eyed monster. You wield his blade with your right hand and slowly pull back the skin from the blade’s tip. It blushes in a shade of pink as you withdraw the skin to its limit. You lick the firm and smooth pink flesh. Vigorously you pull at, stroke and suck his blade. Pan moans in ecstasy as he grasps your hair and aids you in the process by gently driving your head to and fro.

Without any kind of signal Pan all of sudden reaches his climax. Caught off guard, the first heavy spew propels right over your face and plonks on the grass behind you. Pan makes sure the following sprays of nectar does not go to waste as he forces you to engulf the tip of his blade with your mouth. You were not in time to catch the second wave, yet it connects; on impact it bursts against your cheek. Never have you witnessed such a cannon of a blade and the sheer volume of nectar it spews out is incredible!

The subsequent spurts are forced down your throat. Sweet tasting gushes of nectar rams into the back of your throat and trickles down slowly. You lose count of the amount of gushes shot down your throat. You want more and with each forceful stroke of his blade, Pan gives you more. With your free hand you finish your own job and release your own nectar free into this magical world. Finally the swell in his pommel gems subsides... after all your nectar was spent! You free his blade from the clutches of your mouth and watch as the last droplets of nectar topple down and lightly splash on the grass. Pan rubs your scalp in content as you examine the strange phenomenon that’s taking place where his droplets of nectar have met with the earth. The grass has suddenly grown taller and thicker and is even more glowing than it was before.

“Ah, spectacular, isn’t it? You can say in this world I am a symbol of male virility and fertility. My nectar blesses all living beings it comes into contact with. As you can see the grass at your feet rejoice in their new found strength and vitality,” says Pan. “Now as for you...”

It dawns on you that if the grass gets altered by his nectar, then so must you! And you had volumes of it, not only a few drops. You rise from the ground and look down at your being. Everything looks the same. Wait...

You feel your crown jewels drop from where they were clutched by your body still from recent activity. Now heavier and greater in stature they happily dangle within the proud embrace of your pouch. Your blade immediately follows suit by bumping up in girth and length. Wow, you can’t wait to take this new puppy for a walk!

A warmth emanates from your jewels. It spreads down your legs and up your torso. You are astonished as your lower body is transformed into that of a goat. You have grown a bushy tail. And with the warmth finally reaching your head, a pair of horns pops up from your brow. You’ve changed into a satyr...

“It is complete. You are now one of my followers and a Guardian of the Sacred Fountain. We shall call you Streamtreader, for in the stream is where I have found you. In this exalted form and whilst you remain in this world, you shall not age. You shall be trained to keep safe the Sacred Fountain from the dark forces. You shall befriend minotaurs, centaurs, mermen, ents and man nymphs. Together we shall protect and frolic this sacred piece of earth and revel in the great gift the Sacred Fountain has bestowed on us,” says Pan. “Go now to your home. Little time has come to pass beyond the veil. Return when you may. Then we shall start on your training.”

You return from where you crossed the veil. As you step back into your own world, your appearance immediately changes back to your normal human form. You are tempted to return to Pan, but decide not to. You shall return tomorrow. At home on your way to take a shower, you suddenly wonder whether all of it was real. Nothing seems to have changed in your own world. You enter the bathroom and remove your clothes. Much to your astonishment you find what seems to be a tattoo on the side of your thigh. It's a Satyr! Pan must have branded you as one of his guardians. You smile as you witness your blade growing erect at the thought of heading back to Pan and being a Guardian of the Sacred Fountain...

“Pan (Greek Πάν), in Greek religion and mythology, is the god of shepherds and flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music, as well as the companion of the nymphs. His name originates within the Greek language, from the word paein (Πάειν), meaning "to pasture." He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or satyr. With his homeland in rustic Arcadia, he is recognized as the god of fields, groves, and wooded glens; because of this, Pan is connected to fertility and the season of spring. The ancient Greeks also considered Pan to be the god of theatrical criticism.

In Roman religion and myth, Pan's counterpart was Faunus, a nature god who was the father of Bona Dea, sometimes identified as Fauna. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Pan became a significant figure in the Romantic movement of western Europe, and also in the 20th-century Neopagan movement.”

“Pan is famous for his sexual powers, and is often depicted with a phallus. Diogenes of Sinope, speaking in jest, related a myth of Pan learning masturbation from his father, Hermes, and teaching the habit to shepherds.

Pan's greatest conquest was that of the moon goddess Selene. He accomplished this by wrapping himself in a sheepskin to hide his hairy black goat form, and drew her down from the sky into the forest where he seduced her.”