Sunday, September 27, 2009

Guardians of the Sacred Fountain

Those who share in the nectar of life

Fantasy equal: Satyr

Deep within the Magic Forest is a secret garden sought after by many over the ages. It is concealed with no visible entrance, except for those sworn to guard and protect what is hidden inside.

At the centre of this garden is an enchanted fountain. Drinking from its sweet waters grants a lifetime of youth and virtue and rejuvenates those who are injured or fading. This fountain is known as the Fountain of Youth and its chief guardian is known as Pan, Lord of the Satyrs.

Being charged with the protection of the fountain, Pan and his fellow Satyrs are allowed a taste of the fountain’s nectar once in a while in order to remain at the top of their game in case anyone manages to break through the protecting seals and threaten the safety of the fountain. The nectar does not only provide virtue and valour, but virility as well, much to the delight of the Satyrs.

This collection illustrates how men share their potency, just like Pan and the Satyrs still do today at the Fountain of Youth.

"Satyrs acquired their goat-like aspect through later Roman conflation with Faunus, a carefree Italic nature spirit of similar characteristics and identified with the Greek god Pan. Hence satyrs are most commonly described in Latin literature as having the upper half of a man and the lower half of a goat, with a goat's tail in place of the Greek tradition of horse-tailed satyrs; therefore, satyrs became nearly identical with fauns. Mature satyrs are often depicted in Roman art with goat's horns, while juveniles are often shown with bony nubs on their foreheads.
Satyr on a mountain goat, drinking with women. Gandhara, 2nd-4th century.Satyrs are described as roguish but faint-hearted folk — subversive and dangerous, yet shy and cowardly. As Dionysiac creatures they are lovers of wine and women, and they are ready for every physical pleasure. They roam to the music of pipes (auloi), cymbals, castanets, and bagpipes, and they love to dance with the nymphs (with whom they are obsessed, and whom they often pursue), and have a special form of dance called sikinnis. Because of their love of wine, they are often represented holding wine cups, and they appear often in the decorations on wine cups."

Fathers of Time

Those who have Seen Man’s Rise and Fall

Fantasy equal: Zeus
Sometimes you stumble upon an image of a more mature man. You think he looks good for a guy with a beard/moustache and some grey patches of hair here and there. This is when you’re reminded of your childhood, when you think back of your friend’s dad or a teacher at school whose appearances were kind to your hungry eyes.

A couple of memories flash through your mind:
• The hot summer afternoons you spent at your friend’s swimming pool. Sometimes over weekends his dad joined in on the festivities by creeping up on you and plunging into the pool with a great splash bomb. Then followed the attempts of your friend and his dad tossing and submerging the other into the water. You didn’t take part, since at that age you were particularly trigger happy, and simply being a spectator already made you a bit... anxious. You cunningly alternated between drifting and diving to observe the action from atop and below the water’s surface. Your eyes were focused on your friend’s dad.

One day the wrestling got a bit out of hand and your friend somehow snatched his dad’s swimming trunks right off and tossed it out of the water. It didn’t take much effort for the dad to lift his son out of the water and shake him upside-down, out of his swimming trunks. Your friend was not as happy about the skinny dip as his dad was. After some wrestling, the dad finally, leapt out of the pool to retrieve his trunks. What a sight! You remember his stunning physique almost clearly. His light brown hair clung to his shapely calves, which bulged intensely as he trod on the paving. They still do today! Drops of water trickled from the groupings of hair at his butt. He turned around to pull up his trunks! Both the wife and your friend are truly blessed, you thought. He has a sturdy blade and full pommel gems, all of which were garlanded in a bush of thick hair. The dad pranced off and that’s when you realized your friend might be butt naked still. You peered around and got a brief glimpse of his blade. He was his father’s son indeed.

• You think back of the Saturday mornings when you used to play field hockey matches. You had a wonderful coach. A tall, middle-aged man who also was your science teacher at school. He used to run and exercise along with your team. You couldn’t say the same for the lesbian ladies who coached the other teams.

After the match the whole of your team removed their kits, zapped themselves with some deodorant and dressed in their school uniforms. All of you were afraid of the showers. No one wanted to stand naked in front of the others. You will hit the showers once you return home.
One day, however, as you were undressing yourselves after a match, coach came strolling into the room with a suit over a hanger, a toiletry bag, a pair of fancy shoes and a towel over his shoulder. Is he going to do what you think he’s going to do? Indeed he is! The rest of the team weren’t as fazed about the coach, since he usually enters while you were undressing and pep talked the team. That day, however, he was about to initiate the showers!

You positioned yourself to get a clear view of the strip show. He shoved off his trainers and pulled off his socks and then his shirt. Next went the shorts! You remember he wore tighty whities that day. Luckily you already had your trousers on and took a seat on the bench as you slowly put on your socks. You didn’t dare stand up.

In between tying shoelaces and placing sweaty clothes in your gym bag you steal glimpses of your coach lathering himself up. You wondered whether he’d like to be your daddy and you his boy toy. Ah, how a teen boy fantasizes is simply wonderful. With each rubbing action his lean muscles flex to showcase a good deal of definition. What attracted your attention most was the dangling blade between his legs.

Soon you left your coach and his strip show behind, as you had no more alibis left to keep you in the locker room. You skipped watching the first team rugby match that day as you had to satisfy the urge that welled up in your mind and your pommel gems.
Those were the days of cheap and fortunate fantasies. All thanks to the mature men in our lives! This collection is dedicated to the wiser and more experienced man; the friends’ dads and teachers. As for the fantasy connection, bow down to the father of the Ancient Greek pantheon, the mighty and glorious Zeus!

“Zeus was the child of Cronus and Rhea, and the youngest of his siblings. In most traditions he was married to Hera, although, at the oracle of Dodona, his consort was Dione: according to the Iliad, he is the father of Aphrodite by Dione. He is known for his erotic escapades. These resulted in many godly and heroic offspring, including Athena, Apollo and Artemis, Hermes, Persephone (by Demeter), Dionysus, Perseus, Heracles, Helen, Minos, and the Muses (by Mnemosyne); by Hera, he is usually said to have fathered Ares, Hebe and Hephaestus.”

Performers of Attraction

Those who Ensnare with Manly Charm

Fantasy equal: Bard

When it comes to posing for the camera, male models pull out all the tricks from their posing bag. No matter what the theme of the shoot, I always appreciate natural masculine beauty. This, unfortunately, is a rare sight amongst the younger, smoother generation of male models.
One of the weapons in a male model’s arsenal of manliness is his armpits. If the pose is executed correctly and our model is well armed under his arms, the performance is bound to be remarkable. It’s one of few poses which demands a second look even when some of the other nice bits have been concealed.

In the worlds of fantasy, the success of one type of adventurer is based on his natural charm and performance; the bard. With song and music he uplifts the morale of his fellow adventurers. Other than that, he is a diplomat, a charmer a swindler and a loremaster. Performance is the name of his game and so too for the models in this collection.

“A bard brings forth magic from his soul, not from a book. He can cast only a small number of spells, but he can do so without selecting or preparing them in advance. His magic emphasizes charms and illusions over the more dramatic evocation spells that wizards and sorcerers often use. In addition to spells, a bard works magic with his music and poetry. He can encourage allies, hold his audiences rapt, and counter magical effects that rely on speech or sound. Bards have some of the skills that rogues have, although bards are not as focused on skill mastery as rogues are. A bard listens to stories as well as telling them, of course, so he has a vast knowledge of local events and noteworthy items.”