Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Szadek's Creations

I found these remarkable images by an artist called Szadek on the site; http://yaoi.y-gallery.net. His work oozes with masculine appeal, most of which are moulded with a fantasy theme in mind. Enjoy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Super Heroes of Mutant Origins II

Those Wrought by the Next Stage of Evolution

Fantasy equal: Mutant

I have not googled X-Men for a while, but I certainly am curious as to know which of the mutants will have a movie of their own, as is the case with many people’s favourite mutant, Wolverine. I’ve heard rumours there is to be another Wolverine movie and that Magneto is to receive the honour of having his own dedicated movie as well.

Have you ever considered were you to be a mutant, what powers would you have? My idea is not exactly unique, for the character I imagine has powers borrowed from several other existing mutants. Imagine a mutant with a similar handsome look to that of Wolverine; strong, feral and wild. He is Nature’s servant and in the wild is where he is most powerful. He draws his strength from the earth and the other natural elements within and around it. Like Mystique, he is able to change form, but only to a select few animals. Later on he wishes to take the shape of some mighty mythological beings. Like Storm, who has dominion over the elements in the sky, my character is to have dominion over the earth, flora and trees. His name? Druid.

All the mutants in Xavier’s X-Men has a role they play to protect good natured mutants and keep evil forces that threaten the fragile coexistence with humans at bay. Storm, for example has heavy damage nukes and some crowd control abilities. Wolverine is the almost immortal berserker of the team. Shadowcat can be seen as a rogue, or scout of sorts and iceman can stop a foe dead in its tracks. Druid, on the other hand, will also have some scouting abilities, given he shapeshifts into a critter that can. He should have some crowd control skills similar to that of storm, given there is earth, plants and trees about. It is clear that his abilities is limited when he’s in a building, for example, but like Superman, all great, balanced heroes should have a proper weakness.

Back to the actual X-Men mutants! Below find the next installment of Wolverine and co worshipping!

“A mutant is a type of fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Primarily featured in comics featuring the X-Men, a mutant is an individual who possesses a genetic trait called an X-gene that allows them to naturally develop superhuman powers and abilities. Mutants are members of the subspecies Homo sapiens superior, an evolutionary progeny of Homo sapiens, and are considered the next stage in human evolution. Unlike Marvel's mutates, characters who develop their powers only after exposure to outside stimuli or energies (e.g. Hulk, Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four et al..), mutants are born with their powers, although they typically don't manifest in the character until puberty. Like mutates, the powers of the vast majority of Marvel's human superheroes are the result of genetic manipulation by the Celestials millions of years in the past.”